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Become a Massage Therapist | Massage Therapy Schools West Lebanon NY

How to Select a Massage Therapist Program near West Lebanon NY

massage therapy session in West Lebanon NYEnrolling in the right massage therapy school near West Lebanon NY is an important first step to beginning a rewarding first or second career as a massage therapist.  After all, who wouldn’t want to work in an occupation where the sole purpose is to help people feel and function better?  Massage therapists can work in a wide variety of locations, including hospitals, day spas, health clubs and even aboard cruise ships!  But before starting a career in this specialty of holistic healthcare, receiving the proper training and licensing is a must.  And keep in mind that not all massage therapy programs are alike.  When making your evaluations, it’s important that you look at all aspects of the schools you are considering and not just the cost or convenience of the locations.  We will provide some basic tips that you should incorporate into your due diligence process when selecting a massage therapist school.

What is Massage Therapy?

As mentioned in the introduction, massage therapy is a holistic form of healthcare in West Lebanon NY that helps people feel and function better. The massage therapist manipulates skin, muscles and tissue to reduce stress and relieve tension and pain in their patients.  Swedish, or Classic Massage, is the type of massage that most people think of when discussing massage therapy, and most massage therapy schools teach it as their primary form of massage.  However, there are many other types of massage that programs may or may not include within their course of instruction.  Following are just a few examples.

  • Neuromuscular Therapy Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Sports Massage
  • Shiatsu Massage
  • Thai Massage
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Pregnancy Massage

Professionals that work in massage therapy in West Lebanon NY should be referred to as massage therapists. From time to time one may hear them called a masseuse or a masseur, which refers to a female or a male massage practitioner. However, these terms generally carry a negative connotation among the general public and professionals alike and should be avoided.

Massage Therapist Training Requirements

West Lebanon NY massage therapy school studentMost schools offering massage therapy require that the enrollee have a high school diploma or its equivalent to qualify. Programs can range in length from several months for a Certificate or a Diploma to as long as two years for an Associate’s Degree.  The lengths of the programs will also vary by State based on the number of hours required for licensing.  Another factor that may also influence the program length is whether classes are offered in West Lebanon NY during the day or in the evening.  Also, an Associate Degree in Massage Therapy may have general education requirements and are often transferable into a related Bachelor’s Degree Program.  Once you have received your Certificate or Degree, the education does not end there. The amount and type of continuing education you will need to complete will depend on the State where you are licensed.  Some states require both a certain number of hours of continuing education as well as specific education in subjects such as HIPAA compliance or ethics.

Massage Therapist Licensing

Once you have graduated from an accredited massage therapy school, you will then need to become licensed in the State where you will be practicing.  The Massage & Bodywork Licensing Examination (MBLEx), is a test controlled and administered by the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards (FSMTB) and is required by most States as part of the licensing process.  Some States have their own or additional exams, so check with your State prior to enrolling in a massage therapy program.  If you do not pass the MBLEx in the first attempt, you can take it again after 30 days but must pay an additional exam fee.  Once licensed, you will need to maintain it in most states, which means paying a renewal fee and satisfying renewal requirements.  As previously mentioned, renewal typically requires a certain number of hours of continuing education be completed.  And if you should move to another State, you will need to get licensed in that new State as well. Every State regulates massage therapy differently, so it is not safe to assume that you will automatically qualify for licensing. Check with your new State before moving to confirm that you meet the requirements to legally practice there.

Questions to Ask Massage Therapy Courses

therapeutic foot massage in West Lebanon NYBefore you enroll in a massage therapy program, there are some important questions that you need to ask about the programs you are considering.  As previously mentioned, the location of the school is important, particularly if you will be commuting to classes from West Lebanon NY. And of course the total cost, including tuition, books and all training materials will also be an important factor.  But beyond those basic qualifications, following are some questions you should ask so that you have all of the facts before picking a massage therapy training program.

  • Is the School Accredited? Accreditation may be required for licensing as well as student loans or financial aid. It also helps to ensure that the program meets acceptable levels of quality.  Some West Lebanon NY employers also prefer job candidates from accredited schools.
  • Does their Curriculum Comply with EALP Standards? Entry-Level Analysis Project (EALP) standards were created by an association of massage organizations to define minimum standards for preparing massage school graduates for entry-level professional work.
  • What Massage Therapy Programs are Available? Find out if the type of program you are interested in is available, such as an Associate Degree in Massage Therapy. Also, if you need to attend evening classes near West Lebanon NY make sure that they are offered as well.
  • What Types of Massage Therapy are Taught? As previously mentioned, most massage therapy schools teach Swedish Massage. However, the better programs include multiple types of massage therapy.  Make sure that the program you choose includes those you are most interested in.
  • Is Financial Aid Available? To qualify for federal financial aid or a student loan, the school will need to be accredited by a national accrediting organization.  Find out from the schools you are considering what they offer in aid or if they assist students in obtaining funding from other sources.
  • How Long has the School Existed? One indication that a school provides a quality education is longevity.  However, all schools had to start from day one, and many fine schools are relatively new.  So use this as one of several qualifications when comparing schools.
  • Does the School have a Job Placement Program? Find out if the schools have job placement programs and what their placement rates are.  Ask if they assist with such skills as how to interview for a position and how to prepare a resume.
  • Is Plenty of Hands-On Training Provided? This includes classroom training as well as placement in internship programs.  The best massage therapy schools make sure that students have plenty of time to practice what they learn so they can develop their skills and be corrected when necessary.
  • What is the Background of the Faculty? Find out what the experience and credentials are of the teaching faculty.  Speaking with schools’ faculty in person can also provide valuable information. Before applying, arrange to take a tour of the school and talk with staff members and students if permissible. Schools may also have Open House events for prospective students.

Looking for Massage Therapy Schools Near West Lebanon NY?

Perhaps you live near West Lebanon New York or will commute to a massage therapist program in that area.  Either way, you may find the following background information about the location of your new school  both interesting and informative.

Monster Wars

Monster Wars was a syndicated television show featuring United States Hot Rod Association monster truck racing. The show aired for one season between 1993-1994, and was the successor to the popular Super Trax. The show was hosted by Luann Lee (Actress singer), with Joe Lowe providing commentary, and Jim Davidson as a behind-the-scenes reporter.

The show was controversial within the monster truck community for its use of superhero-style mascots for several trucks. Before individual races, these mascots would often appear on screen, trash talking to one another. These trucks were also given new paint schemes, and in Predator's case, a new body, to match their characters (except for Grave Digger, which was the most popular truck on the show). Many saw the personification of trucks as representing the sport as similar to professional wrestling, and although a toy series and video game followed, the show was cancelled after one season.

Carolina Crusher over Grave Digger -Grave Digger red lighted -This race was re ran after both had an equal qualifying time: 3.54. Predator over Invader Equalizer over Kodiak Taurus over Tropical Thunder Bear Foot over First Blood -First Blood was disqualified for going OB.

Pick the Right Massage Therapy Course near West Lebanon NY

Good luck as you embark on your journey to begin a career as a professional massage therapist.  As with all things worth achieving, it will take a lot of hard work and dedication to succeed.  And by following the suggestions contained within this article, you will have an excellent opportunity for success by choosing the right school and training program.  With the right education you will soon become a professional massage therapist servicing the West Lebanon New York area.

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